RCC Foundation

January 2016 - June 2016
Student / CWE worker for the Foundation in charge of rebranding the website.


This site was built with Dennis Underwood using Drupal and Bootstrap. He took care of the technical/programming end of things. I used Dreamweaver to do CSS styles for the homepage, and the online application of Drupal to add content to the pages. I used Photoshop and Illustrator for the graphics on the site. I moved the payment gateway for donations from Paypal to Click and Pledge.

Before and After

rcc Foundation old website
This is a screen grab from the website web.archive.org.
The link will take you to a dated version of the site.
RCC Foundation new website


I focused on theme look, feel and function, content, navigation and usability. I took the existing site and created a whole new navigation system. I made navigation decisions based on the needs of the Foundation team, as well as what type of user would visit the site, and what information they might be looking for.

I helped develop content for portions of the site that included "Why I Give" and "Success Stories", by creating digital questionairres, having donors and alumni fill them out, and creating a small story for the web pages based on their answers.

I created the banner graphics for the new site and created headlines for the messaging, as well as procured other supporting images from various RCC drives.

Socially Speaking

I took on developing a social campaign for the Outstanding Alumni Award that is given out by the RCC Foundaiton. This campaign was largely focused on the LinkedIn community. I was able to also post content related to RCC Foundation on Facebook throughout my time working with the Foundation team.