Naturespirit Herbs
May 2013 - Present
Web consultant and developer.


This site is hosted with BlueHost. I use Dreamweaver with HTML and CSS to develop, design and edit the pages (as well as Photoshop and Illustrator).

Before and After

naturespirit herbs old website
Naturespirit Herbs rebrand site


Naturespirit Herbs is a small company in Williams, Oregon. They are very "old school" and launching into the digital age is a bit of a leap for them. This project had an interesting challenge, as I didn't have a logos or any branding to work from. I started from scratch with the design of the pages that I based off of a flyer done by a designer. I reformatted and strategized navigation to chunk out content in a more easy-to-read and digestible format. I update their web content that includes basic information about their products as well as online catalog updates. They will not adopt their new layout until they write the content that they need to support the new site, so ball is in their court!