Herb Pharm

May 2002 - December 2014
Full-service, in-house web developer for the Marketing Department of Herb Pharm.


Throughout my time at Herb Pharm, I used Dreamweaver to code the sites. Herb Pharm started out structured in frames with HTML and some CSS in 2002. In 2003 we launched an online store which I developed in OSCommerce. The core of the site evolved into a data driven site with a proprietary CMS called Bus Stop in 2006. Herb Pharm eventually grew out of that CMS system and with the plan to rebrand in 2012, the Drupal platform was chosen to drive the site with an UberCart shopping cart system.

We used external servers to host our pages and moved a few times from HostBaby, to Web Intellects to then DreamHost. I facilitated all the moves with backups and had to re-create databases and privileges on each server. The servers ran Apache, and our sites ran with PHP and MySql.

I was responsible for identifying the needs of the site, and with that installed and maintained a secure certificate from Verisign (now Symantec) and installed a proprietary store locator program for an added service to the website. I initiated and configured our shopping cart payment gateway with Authorize.net. I initiated and used Constant Contact as our e-newsletter platform.

The applications used throughout my tenure at Herb Pharm included using a Mac with Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash).

Through the Ages

When I inherited the site, it looked like the example below from 2005. From there, I created all of the graphics for the site based on the requests of the marketing director and shareholders. These are screen grabs from the website web.archive.org. The links (on the captions) will take you to a dated version of the site. (Disclaimer: this archive site doesn't properly render the styles and layout that were in place at the time, so there may be missing images or layout flow issues.)


As our pages evolved, so did my responsibilities.
  • I maintained proper inventories, updated information/product details and images, and cross-marketed all products on the online store of the over 500 products sold.
  • I updated seasonal specials, and created blog posts, social content and e-newsletters to support those seasonal specials.
  • I created all graphics and assets (product images, product labels, plant and landscape photos I took from the farm, and procured stock photography for lifestyle imagery) for the site and social media channels.
  • Maintained all customer files with backups, and transfered and maintained all contact info to Constant Contact.
  • Customer support for online sales.
Another facet of the online presence of Herb Pharm was the Rep Resource site, which served all of Herb Pharm's Sales Representatives with current and past documents, trainings, podcasts. My development of the site included gathering all of the supporting documents, files and images, developing and designing the site in the Joomla CMS, maintaining users and user support. (no screenshots or website available)

The Online Learning program that I styled and maintained for Herb Pharm was to serve the retailer out in the field selling our products in health food stores. This program was built with an open-source online learning software called Dokeos. It was my responsibility to:
  • Transfer the trainings from PowerPoint presentations to web modules
  • Create quizes to evaluate learning
  • Email marketing the program to retailers, enroll them, and offer technical support

Socially Speaking

I first created social profiles for Herb Pharm for Facebook, Pinterest and then later Instagram and Twitter. Many of the people, plant and landscape/ editorial photos were mine, as well as the concepts and content of the posts. I was responsible for creating an editorial calendar that matched our seasonal promotions, and procuring engaging and relevant content for our customers. We saw very posititve results from all of the social campaigns we launched throughout my tenure.

herb pharm blogI initiated and developed Herb Pharm's first blog, Herb Pharm Chronicles (I was also responsible for the name). I developed this blog in Wordpress. I scoured the archives for articles and transferred them into the blog and then shared all of the blog content across all social media channels, as well as brought it attention on our own website, while matching the editorial and seasonal content we had queued up for the year.

The Re-Brand

Herb Pharm had a big rebrand that spanned from 2012 - 2014. I was part of all aspects of this rebrand, and worked with the stakeholders, our staff as well as outside ad agencies. I participated in logo design, navigation strategy, color palette creation, label redesign and the gathering of all assets to support the new website (many of which are still on the website including: bottle graphics, plant photos, and plant and product groupings). A breakdown of the requirements I developed for the site are as follows:
  • User requirements for customer service
  • Strategized user flow and navigation
  • Shopping Cart requirements
  • Categorization of products and cross-merchandising (herbs by condition and type)
  • Product images & supplemental graphics (such as labels and plant images)
  • Header, footer, social, specials/promo graphics
  • Identified function needs for shopping
  • Transfered all user and past orders from OSCommerce to Ubercart platform
  • Transferred and updated all content into new Drupal site
  • Edited web content

Google Services

I primarily worked with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools (specifically keywords tools) and Adwords. Our Adword campaigns supported our seasonal specials, and I created funnels and goals in Google Analytics to measure the success of those campaigns. I constructed monthly reports on top sites visited, numbers of sessions, user demographics, incoming/referral links, keywords and conversions.