Design Portfolio

ups cover imageups cover imageups cover imageups cover image

Since 2002, I have been the layout artist for United Plant Savers's Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. The images link to the actual pdfs htat are housed on the United Plant Savers website. I was responsible for all layout and graphics within each Journal.

ups event flyer ups event flyerups cover brochure ups brochure

Above are samples of flyers and brochures I laid out for United Plant Savers. Most of the images are ones that I photographed.

biogarden logo senior solutions logo tokie logo valley og logo oregon hybrids logo

stashsac logo presidents circle logo cottage brand solutions logo elizzyb logo

Above are some examples of logo designs I have done over the years.

comfrey photo pleurisy landscape

Above is a small sample of images I photographed while at Herb Pharm. They were used on postcard mailers for Herb Pharm.

compound news maca postcard herb pharm through the seasons

Above is a small sample of photography combined with marketing concepts I participated in while at Herb Pharm.

rcc bond flyer RCCF mini folder rccf banner awards proceedings
bond postcard awards invite

Above is a sample of some of the graphic layout examples I did while working with the RCC Foundation.

winter arts festival charlie business card buzz 50 invite birthday ball invite

Above are more samples of graphic design I have done throughout the years.